Backdated silent masterpiece

Another quick one considering we’re still hammering away at the kitchen floor, as well as to continue the trend that I just never seem to have enough time to properly write something about this release. Here it is anyway – Dormice – a record of mine that I recorded from 2006-2010 before I’d ever really even built anything and my work was primarily focused on processed field recordings. I like it and I think its kind if a definitive representation of what my output was like during my time in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I finished it right around the same time that the visual art stuff was taking off and it it just kind of got shuffled to the back burner time and again until nearly a decade passed and the thought if putting it out as a new release done flew out the window. Not to say that it isn’t still relevant. Take a listen – I don’t think it sounds too dated.

~ by vauxflores on November 29, 2019.

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