VF Turns 10!

Hi all – a quick post on my possibly all-too-neglected “not a blog” website here. Namely, hey now, this website, and by extension, all things Vaux is now ten years old! While the general societal emergency prevents us from having some soft of big party, we’re definitely getting our creative on – which is totally to be expected considering the past year of lockdown. First up, here are some images from our show at Rhizome DC featuring the interplay of a decades worth of prints and instruments. The show itself is up from April 24 until May 15 and will feature a performance, a couple workshops and at least a couple hands-on instruments for y’all to fiddle with. Hand sanitizer provided, of course. Here’s a few snaps of the show – questions, comments, etc – by all means feel free to get in touch.

~ by vauxflores on May 10, 2021.

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