Platano Verde

Introducing the new VauxFlores Platano Verde – a tropic-inspired fuzz that invokes vintage Latin psychedelia with a modern edge. Featuring a streamlined interface and artwork by Costa Rican artist Paulina Velazquez-Solis, the Platano Verde’s design is derived from schematics taken from Brazilian electronics magazines from the 1970’s, adapted to best reflect it’s psychedelic roots, yet also provide a unique voice that’s surprisingly versatile. Case in point; try using a slide with this guy – in the middle of an industrial metal jam. As a heads up, it also sounds amazing on violin, not to mention contemporary Latin psychedelia.


So as of February 2018, the Platano is officially retired. It’s an awesome pedal, but considering that I first built this pedal nearly six years ago, the time has come to pull things a little closer to the vest and concentrate on the future a bit. As fun as it is juggling the production of 5 different pedal designs as a one-man show with a whole bunch of other hobbies and responsibilities, one can only keep all the balls in the air for so long. Like the 24, I should stress that this pedal isn’t necessarily going away, I’m just stopping the whole part where I make them for money for people I’ve never met before. Really need one? Drop a line. Or be on the lookout for workshops and VF merch tables. And for those who’ve taken the plunge already, thanks so much – it really means a lot.


  • First example of the new VauxFlores Platano Verde tropical fuzz. For this example I’m using an early-80’s Guild Telecaster with EMG single-coil pickups run into a ZT Luchbox, recorded into Logic Pro from the line out. Settings are volume at 75 % and tone centered in the middle.


30 seconds of racket courtesy of the editors of Guitar Player Magazine

And a nice demo by the good folks at Drowning Guitars.

Additional Information

  • Power is 9v center tip negative and compatible with most guitar pedal power supplies.
  • Due to the environmental impact of 9v batteries, there is no battery snap inside the pedal.
  • For all that are curious, the status LED for this edition of the Platano Verde is white.
  • Feedback and questions are encouraged. If anything comes up, whether it be a simple question or a request for distribution, please feel free to drop us a line.
  • As always, my personal guarantee is that if I can fix it, I will. Not to say that you shouldn’t also do your best to take care of this box as well.


Guitar Player Magazine, November 2014


Platano Verde



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