Number 26

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I built Number 26 in March 2012 after spending the previous year focusing exclusively on the design and production of small-batch guitar electronics – not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, or anything. More like I just realized that it’s been a minute since I’d worked with oscillators and it was nigh about time to apply a couple new concepts and techniques picked up from the previous couple pedal designs in a more synthetic fashion, if you will. Electronically, this box picks up pretty much right where I left off ala modifying and tweaking the previous synth designs – modified Ciat-Lonbarde circuits are still at it’s core, albeit in a different fashion to accommodate the most notable feature of this box – namely that this particular critter’s quadrophonic. The outputs are fairly chaotic – seldom ever are they spitting out the same thing at the same time, though occasionally certain instances of unison appear and disappear like fleeting birdsong – perfect for complex feedback loops and surround-sound Laser Floyd performances over at the old planetarium. Also new and unique to this box is a dedicated audio in, wired to a Number 24 circuit included to make things extra punchy, which is routed to either process the internal synth sections, an external sound-source, or both, depending on how you switch it. Sonically, it’s fairly unique – capable of spastic chirps, lurching arpeggios and warbling drones and then some – and capable of switching it up in the mix with just a simple gesture. All said, I’m definitely proud of this one. Ala names and faces, this box is currently under the employ of Matt Luczak from Poughkeepsie, NY, who performs under the name of Yogi Sartorialist, among other projects.


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