Number 52

Double Pautron

Aka the Double Pautron, because that’s basically what it is. The only difference between this guy and a standard Pautron, other there being two in one box is that each circuit also has a guitar-style tone control before the output and each unit is wired to an active mixer circuit before heading to the output. This particular number was on the bench from mid-2016 until the beginning of 2017 when it made its home in and around Boston, Mass.


Number 52 Mk 2 (2019-2020)

An update to this particular saga: At the end of 2018, I got an email out of the blue from an individual in Boston who had picked this guy up on Craigslist and was wondering what to make of it. After a couple messages back and forth, we decided to meet up on one of my trips to Boston and talk shop. All said, there were a couple tweaks that needed to be done to this guy, but other than that things were humming along quite properly. However, as I was on an EagleCAD kick at the moment, I felt like this was an appropriate challenge ala how to redesign this guy to fit in a much smaller package, as well as how to assemble it without using a half-mile of wire as well. Thus, the second rendition of this critter was born. 5 were made in total. One went to Pau, naturally. Another to Boston to the current owner of the original. Two are in Oakland and SF and one went to DC. 


A quick roll call of our MK II edition:


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