Composition for sculpture, electronics and digital printmaking array

Composition for Sculpture, Electronics, (Amplified Object) and Digital Printmaking Array (2018) is a convergence, or perhaps a sequential evolution of two previous performance/installations – namely Bioprinting I (2010-2012), where amplified earthworms were converted to visual art prints by way of custom radio electronics and Raro (2011-present), which explores humanity’s relationship with nature, mutation and industrialization by way of sculpture, sound, performance and interactivity. For this performance, six sculptures will be used as a control interface for custom electronics that, in conjunction with an amplified object (type and material to be determined) will be used to create visual art prints using open-source, slow-scan radio imaging software, traditionally used in ham radio and deep-space radio-imagery transmissions. Lacking a defined codec to properly interpret an image, each print will serve as a static physical record of a sonic event, documenting this performance as it existed in a particular location – reflected by time, temperature, light levels, movement, hardware settings, and the potential for digital misinterpretation as software is asked to decipher imagery from an audio signal that contains no specific encoding other than the data derived from the performance itself.

Archive of Performance: August 9, 2018, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

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Archive of Performance: August 10, 2018, Neighbors Gallery, Ithaca, NY

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