VauxFlores is two things. First, it’s an audio electronics company that caters to musicians on the stranger side of the spectrum. For the full blurb on what that’s all about, keep reading. Secondly, it’s also the personal website of Travis Johns, who, while not making strange electronics, is busy making strange sounds and images himself – sometimes with stuff he’s built, other times not so much. For more information about that, click on the highlighted link and read on from there. Call it a small homage to the Choose your own Adventure books of my childhood. Or something.

VauxFlores is an audio electronics company that specializes in the design and manufacture of unique guitar effects and other unusual sound-makers. Inspired by a long-time fascination with analog electronics, as well as a good minute spent in the trenches of experimental music, we strive to create devices that tip the hat to the unheralded relics of the past – foregoing the main-stage recreations and instead focusing on the sounds of the underground – whether it be garage rock, tropicalia, space music, swamp blues, harsh-noise, field hollers, non-idiomatic western free-improvisation… well you get the drift. We’re not looking for the brown, green or blue sound, or the perfect approximation of a particular player’s aesthetics, and have absolutely no desire to produce a compelling clone of the commonplace. What we are after, is offering a decent selection of tools for unconventional musicians in search of something just far enough off the beaten path to be sonically interesting, yet still functionally useful – high-quality, yet rugged; complex, but still just a little raunchy at heart – all lovingly hand-built somewhere slightly outside of Ithaca, NY. Curious? Intrigued? Confused by what VauxFlores even means in the first place? Drop us a line and say hello. Regardless, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

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