Transmitting from outside the meta-bubble

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Hey gang,

Greetings from Orlando, where I’m currently participating in a conference on behalf of the day job. I’ll elaborate more later, but this scene is weird. Actually, I think possibly a good chunk of the world outside of my isolated, rural, academic bubble may be weird. Or at the very least strangely tattooed and infatuated with animated, whitewashed approximations of predominately germanic folk literature. Needless to say, I’m not partaking, owing largely to classes, studying and rehearsing for some upcoming shows in San Francisco. That would in fact be the reason for this post.

So dig: in about two weeks, I’m heading west to play some shows and teach a workshop – not to mention visit friends, tae care of some business, eat some foods and keep it real. Its been over two years since my last trip, so I’m psyched, though also apprehensive that even more of the region I called home for most of my twenties has been replaced with whatever trend is being chalked up to digital avarice this week. Maybe a food-sharing app? Is that a thing? Not to be all tangential (Me, really?) but the other day we were at Xime’s kindergarten orientation and I ended up talking to one of the teachers about how I’m using the internet less and less as I get older. I mean, seriously – I have just about everything most people use the internet for – job, car, relationship, stereo, etc. Other than paying bills and work stuff, what else do I need it for? I guess that would change if we lived in a place that had more of a take-out culture, but seeing as most spots are farm to table because we have an abundance of farms and tables (as represented by more restaurants per capita in Ithaca than New York City…) thee really isn’t much of a need to order up out of convenience. But enough peeping in on my bubble within a bubble-styled existence – here’s the current itinerary:

Show 1: Peacock Lounge, June 19. Me solo, Anla Courtis, TendHer, Dimuzio and Wobbly, as presented by the good folks at Resipiscent. Here’s the info in visual form:


Day the Second: Label Showcase! More officially, a VauxFlores Industrial Label Showcase! Come see me jam with [ruidobello], Usufruct do their thing and Oa process voices like whoa. This one’s on the 20th at the Luggage Store. Flyer by me, naturally.


Day off on the 21st. There’s a big Solstice to-do at the Garden of Memory that’s blocked out just about everything else from happening that evening due to the sheer number of folks performing. Seeing as I’m an out-of towner and don’t just randomly honor the dad because they’re there, I’m gonna sit this one out. Maybe I’ll go get a torta and take up residence at the Latin American Club. Please someone tell me that place still exists.

Day 4: Pro Arts in Oakland on the 24th. I’m teaching a workshop there during the day (more on that soon), but in the evening, come see me play solo (or maybe with a surprise guest or two?) alongside The Noriegas, Cruel Work and The deletist. Here be flyer. I fly out the next day, but if anyone wants to go look at some trees in nature, before I split, I wouldn’t be opposed. Ok, enough for now – back to studying for this crazy industry certification thing I’m doing. Test is on Wednesday. I so have this.


Seasonal Jams

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Yo. Finally have a brief respite from a fairly active workshop season, as well as a fair amount of interest in the latest iteration of the Eyecillators. I’m always amused on how terrible I m at documenting things when they’re actually happening. But here I am on an off evening, having run out of solder in spite of the fact that I literally order that stuff by the pound now. So I write. The next solder shipment probably won’t arrive for about five days so here’s our window for web administration. Let’s see how much we can accomplish, yeah?

First up, releases! As another season has passed, what better way to celebrate said time slipping through the hourglass than through a couple new choice recordings from the net label. First up, a nice jam from Pau and I from 2012-ish consisting of minimally processed field recordings from the Yorkin preserve on the Costa Rica-Panama border. It was originally featured as part of a show at the National Museum of Costa Rican that Pau curated and now lives on via this small niche in the land of web. Steini says it sounds like Xenakis. I blush.


Next for the season is Advection (Slow Names 8) that comes by way of Hey Exit, otherwise known as Brendan Landis. It’s pretty cool. Even cooler is that it was made with VCV Rack, which is apparently a free, computer-based modular synth which I really wish I knew existed before dropping the ridiculous amounts I have on my own tiny system. Not that I have any regrets. Yolo and all that. Even cooler is that every download of said record includes the patch files to recreate the pieces, which I’m totally all about.

Aight – that concludes post 1. Go ye take a listen. I’m gonna go clean the kitchen.


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image1 (3)

Hey gang – a quick post here considering its not even 6 AM yet while writing this, but a friendly heads up that we redesigned our Eyecillator circuit into a cute and tiny, board-mounted tabletop synth of sorts. I’ve actually been meaning to do this for a second, but finally had a surge of motivation and hammered this thing out in anticipation of a couple upcoming workshops, as well as a the idea that after taking about a 1 year hiatus from the more capitalist aspects of the VF, it might be time to open the stores again. More on that in a bit, but for starters, here’s a sneak peak of what we have in store. I’ll try to get a video up sooner than later, as well as a recording, but in the meantime, I figured I’d at least get the word out.

Here’s a video of it doing its thing, btw:



The recent past and future

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Hey gang,

Snow day here so I figure now might be a good time to fill you in on two things.

Thing the first: The new Number 24 PCB’s are kind of a dream to work with. Just for kicks, I opened up my keepsake blue and pink first edition 24 from 2012 (not pictured to spare me the embarrassment) and holy smoke – we’ve come a long way, baby.


Ala the workshops, we’re still on track for our February outings. I need to confirm that the enclosures will arrive on time to make them extra classy, but it’s nice to see how these critters have come together. Next on deck will be a re-release of the Eyecillators, possibly as a board-mounted number only slightly larger than a business card. Why? Because why not? More on that as it comes together.

In the meantime, another heads up that I just completed another build report. Curious about how I spent a sliver of my summer, take a gander at this:


Brain Report

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Hey gang, a friendly heads up that there’s another build report posted on this here site. This time, the lucky number is 53, otherwise known as the synth brains from the Orden Natural shows from 2017, as well as the brains to the backup singers that I played a bunch of shows with in the first half of 2018. Also, a friendly heads up that the link to the Feb 2 workshop at Rhizome DC is still live – even better – the new circuit boards for this iteration of the 24 just arrived. They look quite zesty. Glad I took the time to step back and up my building game – those who’ve signed up already – you’re gonna really dig this.



Workshop Season, Pt. 1

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Just a quick heads up that the first of potentially several VF workshops scheduled for this year is right around the corner. Live in DC? Need something to do on Feb 2? Wanna build a 24? Then click here and sign up! Just remember: that’s the one day out of basically the entire year when there will be no sport things on TV. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop – so why not fill those hands with a soldering iron and some wire clippers and come build a device that will probably send the cat under the bed for at least a week in its most ideal operating conditions. You know you want to. Cat’s been asking for it.

Also, for those of you here just for the content, three new build reports have gone up on the past week. The are:

Until next time.


VFI Solstice Drops

•December 24, 2018 • Comments Off on VFI Solstice Drops

Hey gang,

Three drops from the realm of digital label-ness. Here they be:

Drop the first:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – no führer: Documenting two improviser’s journey into the darkness of the American Northeast shortly after Ghost Ship and PizzaGate, at the height of the travel ban.
Drop the second:
Travis Johns – 300 Improvisations for Digital Electronics: Pretty much what I’ve been up for a majority of this year. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your shows.
Drop the third:
hsfb – Consistency and Gaps – Two amazing new tracks from Hudson Valley electronics shredder Max Hamel.
Happy Holidays, y’all.