Hello, Dead Unicorn Factory

•June 17, 2021 • Comments Off on Hello, Dead Unicorn Factory


Hey gang, a friendly heads up that the first batch of Fabrica modules is now available to the discerning masses. More info = here, but if anyone has any questions, etc feel free to get in touch and let’s chitter.

A quick glimpse into the semi-near future

•May 12, 2021 • Comments Off on A quick glimpse into the semi-near future

Hey all – a quick heads up that our second Euro module will be making it’s debut soon – first as a workshop, then a production run and finally as a PCB + Panel combo for the DIY crowd. Interested in what it all does and sounds like? Here’s a poorly recorded sample or two:

Pandemic Livestream Collection Vol. 1

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Yo! Building on the current trend that I might actually have enough time in my life to actually manage a website, I figured I’d piggyback onto the last post to highlight a couple of the instruments that were built for the show at Rhizome. While the design itself was me attempting to improve on the style that I was building in over a decade ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of showcasing some mightily fresh sounds at a couple quarantine concerts over the past few months, examples of which are included below – figured I’d share to put a degree of sound and motion in the mix alongside the imagery.

VF Turns 10!

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Hi all – a quick post on my possibly all-too-neglected “not a blog” website here. Namely, hey now, this website, and by extension, all things Vaux is now ten years old! While the general societal emergency prevents us from having some soft of big party, we’re definitely getting our creative on – which is totally to be expected considering the past year of lockdown. First up, here are some images from our show at Rhizome DC featuring the interplay of a decades worth of prints and instruments. The show itself is up from April 24 until May 15 and will feature a performance, a couple workshops and at least a couple hands-on instruments for y’all to fiddle with. Hand sanitizer provided, of course. Here’s a few snaps of the show – questions, comments, etc – by all means feel free to get in touch.

Introducing VF Euro

•October 11, 2020 • Comments Off on Introducing VF Euro

So hey – time is a bit of a premium these days, but for those not keeping up with my comings and goings over the past 7 months of pandemic-based lockdown, I spent a good second of my time designing my first official Eurorack module – which amazingly sounds pretty good! The first batch is ready. Interested, intrigued and dying to know more? Check out this link: https://vauxflores.com/electronics/sangre-de-nieve/

Backdated silent masterpiece

•November 29, 2019 • Comments Off on Backdated silent masterpiece

Another quick one considering we’re still hammering away at the kitchen floor, as well as to continue the trend that I just never seem to have enough time to properly write something about this release. Here it is anyway – Dormice – a record of mine that I recorded from 2006-2010 before I’d ever really even built anything and my work was primarily focused on processed field recordings. I like it and I think its kind if a definitive representation of what my output was like during my time in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I finished it right around the same time that the visual art stuff was taking off and it it just kind of got shuffled to the back burner time and again until nearly a decade passed and the thought if putting it out as a new release done flew out the window. Not to say that it isn’t still relevant. Take a listen – I don’t think it sounds too dated.

Synthetic expansion!

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Oi! A heads up that I’ve finally gotten around to officially documenting the second of our new generation of stand-alone synths on this here site. Officially speaking, meet the EyeTron, which is kind of the spiritual successor to a coupe past builds – namely the Deluxe and Double Eyecillators from sometime about 5 years ago-ish. The story behind it: Sometime back in June, right before we closed on the house mentioned int he previous post, the deal almost fell apart and I needed something to keep my mind off the general administrative gauntlet of what you have to do to keep a seller from walking away from a deal due to a failed septic tank and who’s legally responsible for replacing it before closing, cost be damned. Which I should mention, for those who ever end up in such a situation, the solution is to have your lawyer remind the other party a.) they’re responsible for paying the full amount of the replacement and b.) walking away from the deal is a breach of contract with legal ramifications much greater than the price of a concrete box. Hrmm – maybe I’m still a little sore about that – what I can say – ’twas stressful. BUT, we managed, we have a brand-new septic tank and in the duration, I kind of rage-designed a new synth that combines three Eyecillators with modulation scheme of my beloved BugBrand Postcard Weevil. Not to mention there’s a cool lookin’ penguin silkscreened on the back. Its pretty neat. Anyways, here’s a video of it doing its thing. Price is $59 and I’ll make more soon – currently preoccupied with replacing the floor in the kitchen. Because, domesticity.


Front page acknowledgment of our seasonal audio harvest

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Hi-ho folks – another update to get everyone up to speed on our general silence over the past couple months – like I said, we’ve been busy. Lots of travel, a couple workshops and a whole lot of sweat equity as we spend nearly every waking moment working on the house we closed on over the summer. It’s been an adventure. But all said, the general feeling of having reached a decent plateau of stability after 5 years of preparations and machinations is pretty freaking rewarding. Not to mention that Xime has a home base for her scholastic adventures and for the first time in a very long time, I feel generally grounded and centered. And yet somehow in spite of that all, there’s still a degree of wanderlust as I find myself occasionally looking at apartments in Manchester, Mexico City and back in Costa Rica. Because, why not? But enough about that – here’s the first update of at least a couple that I hope to hammer out sooner than later. Ladies and germs, introducing the first of the latest haul of VFI releases.

Release the 38th: Tim Walters – Neither here nor there.

Its some pretty dope electroacoustic magic rendered in Supercollider and recorded while commuting to and from work – which I should totally get on board to do on my end, but alas, my poor laptop as the battery life of… an appropriately short battery-life thing. But enough about me – listen to this:

┬áSpeaking of, here’s a couple reviews of said recording – first up, this one from Avant Music News. Then there’s this one from Toneshift.net. All said, hey now, its amazing to see that this low-effort labor of love is getting noticed. Thanks again to Tim for releasing – looking forward to hearing what comes next.

Speaking of, here ends this edition of filling in the gaps of the past 5 months. Tune in next time when I wax poetic about a record that tok me 4 years to record nearly a decade ago, as well as what idiot trade wars do to folks who rely on aluminum boxes to craft their respective wares. Until next time, crew.

Seasonal Jams

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Yo. Finally have a brief respite from a fairly active workshop season, as well as a fair amount of interest in the latest iteration of the Eyecillators. I’m always amused on how terrible I m at documenting things when they’re actually happening. But here I am on an off evening, having run out of solder in spite of the fact that I literally order that stuff by the pound now. So I write. The next solder shipment probably won’t arrive for about five days so here’s our window for web administration. Let’s see how much we can accomplish, yeah?

First up, releases! As another season has passed, what better way to celebrate said time slipping through the hourglass than through a couple new choice recordings from the net label. First up, a nice jam from Pau and I from 2012-ish consisting of minimally processed field recordings from the Yorkin preserve on the Costa Rica-Panama border. It was originally featured as part of a show at the National Museum of Costa Rican that Pau curated and now lives on via this small niche in the land of web. Steini says it sounds like Xenakis. I blush.


Next for the season is Advection (Slow Names 8) that comes by way of Hey Exit, otherwise known as Brendan Landis. It’s pretty cool. Even cooler is that it was made with VCV Rack, which is apparently a free, computer-based modular synth which I really wish I knew existed before dropping the ridiculous amounts I have on my own tiny system. Not that I have any regrets. Yolo and all that. Even cooler is that every download of said record includes the patch files to recreate the pieces, which I’m totally all about.

Aight – that concludes post 1. Go ye take a listen. I’m gonna go clean the kitchen.


•March 6, 2019 • Comments Off on (Re)Eyecillations

image1 (3)

Hey gang – a quick post here considering its not even 6 AM yet while writing this, but a friendly heads up that we redesigned our Eyecillator circuit into a cute and tiny, board-mounted tabletop synth of sorts. I’ve actually been meaning to do this for a second, but finally had a surge of motivation and hammered this thing out in anticipation of a couple upcoming workshops, as well as a the idea that after taking about a 1 year hiatus from the more capitalist aspects of the VF, it might be time to open the stores again. More on that in a bit, but for starters, here’s a sneak peak of what we have in store. I’ll try to get a video up sooner than later, as well as a recording, but in the meantime, I figured I’d at least get the word out.

Here’s a video of it doing its thing, btw:



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