And we’re back once again.

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Hey there, tigers!

Just a friendly heads up that we’re back from our vacay and the shops are open again. Mexico was wonderful – thanks for asking. Met some good folks, saw some cool exhibits. Even tried the new Churro-flavored Starbucks beverage and practically went into sugar-shock for at least a good two hours after that. Seriously, sugar regulation, people – an entire generation of potential diabetics will thank you. Al also read David Novak’s Japanoise book. It was interesting, but as someone semi-involved in the west-coast equivalent of that scene, I have my objections – not that I’m going to argue – if anything, I do like his arguments for the notion that the concept that there was a proper “scene” of Japanese noise at any point is negligible, to say the least. Is experimental music as a whole a series of inter-connected vacuums? Who knows – I mean, there was definitely a scene in the bay when I was there. In Baltimore, I’m just ind of doing my thing. There’s a couple other groups, but I’ve really not connected with any of them. My days of house shows are over and there’s kind of a generational/genre gap between folks my age and the sounds I make – with a couple exceptions of course. Not to mention that most of my hang-sessions involve babies right now – gotta love the baby-friends.

So anyways, a couple new projects = in the works. One such being a VF-centric net label designed for the sheer pleasure of seeing as many friends and collaborators on the same page. The other being the box above you. That’s the MossWave – a new workshop box that I’ll be rolling out in DC in a few weeks. It does stuff. It’s nasty. And you can build it for a Benjamin. Other than that, Pau will be in Costa Rica in August for the Central American Biennial, I’ll hopefully be in California for a few days in September and then I’m off to England in November to present a paper in Manchester. More on all of the above will most likely be rolled out. Except for the Churro latte – that’ll be our little secret.

Greetings from Mexico!

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Hi all – so as the title and the picture of the giant flag does report, we are in fact in Mexico City at the moment. Current activities include delivering a synth, researching Latin American sound art, meeting with artists, hitting up galleries and museums, catching up with old friends and eating everything in site. An extra emphasis on the eating part comes into play tomorrow when we head to Puebla – a UNESCO world heritage site for food, among other things. We’re only out for a week, but to keep things simple, the shops are in vacation mode until the 13th. Of course, if you need to get ahold of me before then, you can always drop a line, but I figured I’d at least give a heads up as to our adventures and whereabouts. I’ll let you know when we’re back and things are re-opened. 



Video Report!

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Kids. 2 quick videos from SpleenCoffin Fest last week in Baltimore. First up os my usual “hands-only” documentation of the sound system. For some reason I was inclined to play under the name of “True French,” which is actually the name of my bike. Not a long story. It’s a vintage Motobecane, made in France, as opposed to the current offerings of said brand, not made in France. Two reasons for that. First, when I was booked, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do. Second, while I’ve mostly been simply playing as myself on the rare occasions when I have played out in the last few years, there’s something about letting your given name dangle around on the usual noise rosters, designed to shock and awe. I’d normally just use the old “vsls” moniker, but I always used a laptop in my vsls sets. This is hardware. Is there a difference? Is it a new project? At this point, I don’t think I play out enough for it to really matter. Gotta get on that. Anyhoo, second vid is Pau’s multi fungi set from night two. I rode shotgun on Eurorack/Bugbrand last minute, but the project is most definitely hers. Yammering subsides. Look at moving pictures now.


The New Gold

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A quick missive owing to exhaustion and whatnot. I’ll update the rest of the site as more roll off the bench, but officially speaking, from here on out all Gold Standards will now come in standard VF black enclosures instead of their original gold. Why? It streamlines production, allows me to pull from the same pool of components and, most importantly, saves you some bread since I don’t have to order custom powder-coated boxes. And all said, hey, it actually doesn’t look all that bad. Figured I’d mention it while I still had the gusto. Now, I sleep.

More Songs from the Sound System

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Hi All,

So – there’s another show on the horizon. Meaning that there’s a couple rehearsals of the sound system being recorded and all that. Considering that I have a three-day weekend right now, the whole administrative thing is so much easier when your days off aren’t spent cleaning house, doing laundry or spending four days examining the future of technology by way of modular synthesis. Anyways, here’s another 30 minutes of sounds conjured from stuff I’ve built and drenched in reverb due to a lingering fascination with a certain album about Silver Apples and Raging bulls. More in a ticky-boo. Will be in touch.


Second Inaugural May Report

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Fact: I cannot spell “inaugural” for the life of me. I used to have problems with analyze, but after one musicology paper (my only to date), that was cured but quick. Hopefully the current trent of labeling everything “inaugural” might do the trick – hey now – first try. But I thick I was cheating. So. It’s the end of the month. Here’s what we’re up to. The show in Takoma was a ripping success – and somehow the sound system didn’t crash and burn. Eyecillators were sold and the drive back featured my favorite DC latin station having a live birthday bash for one of the DJ’s, so the hour burn back to Baltimore wasn’t as dolorous as it usually is. Gotta say that I’ve missed performing. More of that’s definitely on the horizon, starting in as little as two weeks. MoogFest was also inspiring, even if I was just acting in tech capacity to my buddies. Hopefully there’s room in the rotation on a later iteration. If only the drive back was as nice as the drive back from DC – I-95 is less than pleasant in the rain when you only have about 3 hours of sleep under your belt. Either was we’re home safe and have some downtime to build – a good thing since the bench is currently 20+ projects deep – yikes! Speaking of, I should probably stop typing and knock one of these out. But in the meantime, enjoy the video of the Takoma show. More coming.

May Report 1

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Considering the last post is over a month old, I should probably put something new up to maintain the idea that this is a current project and al that. Because, all said, it is. The workshop was awesome. And exhausting. After a nice dinner in Takoma Park with the family and our good friend Analog Tara, we drove home and I think i was awake for maybe 5 minutes, passing out before even Xime fell asleep for at least the 5th time in her toddler-aged life. Oh the joys of burning the candle in so many places you might as well just throw the whole thing in a larger fire. So. It’s May. Here’s what’s up in the neighborhood. First off, building. I know I do that like, all the time, but a good chunk of the inventory is currently out of stock so let’s do something about that. With any luck, new 23‘s, Gold Standards and Eyecillators will be back on the shelf by the end of next week in time for my first live show in about a year. Yup. Decided to standardize some of the older analogs into a new performance rig that’s about 90% home-built. That’ll be in DC on the 14th. More on that soon. Should be fun – not to mention it’ll help generate some documentation for a thing I’m applying to – and practice for another upcoming show in Baltimore in June, hosted by the Spleencoffin folks. Both’ll be some late-night jams – let’s see how that goes. I’ve never been a night person – let’s hope I can manage to play after 11. There’s also a new workshop in the works – featuring a new design – kind of a sequenced switched capacitor filter type thing. Will update on progress as it progresses. Also headed to Moogfest later this month to lend a hand to EMA. Bringing the family as well. So yeah, in all , hey art’s being made and done. And with that, let’s get cracking. Today I actually have a ay off on a weekday and it’s exactly 9AM – meaning I have exactly 8 hours of taking care of at least a month’s worth of business hour errands to take care of. Fun! Catch ya on the flip side.


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