Upcoming in April

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Hi all – apologies for the delay in missives here – things have been a little nuts at the day gig. The joys of working at a university that prides itself on public policy studies and community outreach during an electron year in a city with its fair deal of issues in need of addressing. Or something to that extent. Needless to say, production has slowed a tick to accommodate such things as sleep and exhaustion, but hey now, a minute to sit down and type.

Two lines of business. First up is on the 23rd of this month, we’ll be offering an electronics workshop at Rhizome DC in Takoma Park, Md. It’ll be our first workshop in the US and we’ll be building a new iteration of the PauTron circuit, designed with more CV outputs and a couple component tweaks. Buy in is $100 and if you’re into it and in the area, you should totally come – Rhizome = good people and this space should be totally supported.

Secondly, I (being Travis, human/singular, as opposed to VauxFlores, concept/plural) have been recording again and am happy to share the first addition to a new project, currently being called “The Mysterious Sounds of the VauxFlores Sound System (in Stereo)” – something that I’ve been longing to do for a good long while now and finally have the time and direction to do so. In a nutshell, I’m doing what I can to combine my love of experimental electronics and builders with the whole diy, homebuilt studio experiments that spawned dub music in project that only utilizes instruments I’ve built myself to record and produce. Here’s the first two additions. More to come. Would love input.

Ok – gotta run. Baby to be fed. Will be in touch.

More on the art front

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‘lo. Figure it’s about time for a new post and as it happens, I just finished a series of print that I’ve been working on for about a year now, created by rendering synthesizer improvisations of a set duration into a visual image with embedded audio data. I’m still working on figuring out the proper way to display them in the real world, but at least for the moment, you can view them here. Questions, etc? You know how to find me. Meanwhile on the electronics side of things, I’ll be teaching a synth workshop in DC next month and seem to find myself preoccupied with building the perfect dual-channel overdrive – he says, never to be seen again. Will it lead to a production release? Maybe. Am I having fun pairing OD combos in hand-painted boxes int he meantime? You bet I am. Anyways, here’s a link to the prints, if you want to take a look. Enjoy!

Meanwhile in the Art World

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Loveydoves: Just a friendly heads up that the opening for Amorfo, the new solo show by my awesome wife Paulina Velazquez-Solis will be on Friday, February 5th at Terrault Contemporary in Baltimore, Md. For questions on any or all of the above, feel free to drop us a line and get in touch!

VF goes to NAMM…sort of.

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So hi there. According to the weather app, there’s currently a blizzard in Baltimore, and most, if not all external functions of the things I do outside of building stuff and writing about it are cancelled, so hey, longer than usual missive. Of course, considering that the past few posts have been 15 words or less, that shouldn’t be hard, but let’s stretch out and write, shall we? Today’s topics: trade shows and giveaways. For those who are more visually oriented and don’t like words, yes, VF is taking part in our first ever giveaway and yes, it is because of the NAMM show out in sunny Anaheim. If that’s what you’re after, look at the above image, find Pedal Genie on either Twitter or Instagram and follow the directions. Now here’s my thoughts on the matter, or at the very least how it all came to be.

So VauxFlores is turning five this year. Wow. That means it’s been five years since we left San Francisco, three years since we left Costa Rica and our third year in sunny Baltimore. Much has changed. Yet somehow the constant has been this here cottage industry. Could be worse. Of course, while things have grown substantially since I was first inspired to try to make a go at building boutique pedals there’s still  few things that we’ve yet to do – for instance, giveaway. Or for that matter, seriously pursuing an external distributor of our wares so that we only have to concentrate on building and not marketing, which we hate so much. Of course, as an independent builder, I’ve learned that the cold approach to the usual brick and mortars don’t especially yield much – a handful of sales, consignments and the less than fun task of following up with various shops to keep track of inventory. Lesson learned – independent predilections aside, in order to make it in this industry, you kind of have to play the trade shows if you want the big orders – and therein lies a dilemma.

Going back farther than 5 years – more like ten or more to when I was halfway through college I’ve kind of been just a little biased against the commercial music industry. Starting in high school, I began keeping a list of gear that I just couldn’t live without, primarily culled from Musician’s Friend catalogs and primordial gear pages – often putting off numerous projects and recordings because I just couldn’t live without a certain piece of gear, as if the sound I was after would magically be derived from simply owning something. In college, that list got even longer and grandiose and with the aid of my first credit card, a couple things were even crossed off said list, leading to more things being added to it, as well as a small, but significant debt that was only recently paid off. Then, shortly after the release of my first album, things changed – I was left just a little jaded with the industry, angry that my naivety allowed me to think that a single self-released record would do anything without the proper channels for distribution, and it didn’t matter how much gear you had, few things wouldn’t change that unless you had the right connections – which, for downtempo techno artists attending college in rural Ohio before the whole sound cloud thing came to blossom, just weren’t there. Things got noisier. The country got angrier. The web got friendlier to DIY folks and spaces and for a good clip, I was content to tour with just a backpack consisting of my laptop running Max/MSP, a small midi box and a mixer, selling hand-painted cd-r’s and tracking where they ended up on Discogs. Ah, happy days. And while I would dabble in a  piece of gear here and there, the list was long gone as I continued to do my thing with processed field recordings culled from mostly interesting places.

What stopped that? Two things, mostly – largely the collapse of a DIY-friendly world wide web in favor of algorithms that encourage you to pay for views and me attempting to release a solo record of my field recording comps – again – hard to exist in a vacuum – try harder to make impression on labels, release more, etcectc – working on that. Not to mention that at the moment I’m enjoying building things more than writing, yaddayadda.  Now back to that dilemma. I want to build and not have to worry so much about marketing. Meaning I need distribution. Meaning I need to attend these gear conventions and not be that poor looking sap with a single pedal board, my tiny, but awesome amp and a Home Depot folding table. I mean Moog brought a freaking cactus garden to their exhibit this year. Don’t quite have the resources or capital to go big quite like that – not to mention that I just don’t know enough super large name axe-noodlers who would agree to spend a week with me and my folding table. Not to mention that the current convention comes at a pretty bad time for yours truly. Lots of deadlines at the day gig, and a blizzard on top of everything.

Enter Pedal Genie. Cool guys, all said. And as we speak, they’re currently repping VF at NAMM by way of some colorfully-dressed genie girls – find them and post about them and you’re entered to win. Not in California? Just retweet and tag on the Twitter and the Insta. More to come on said topic, but happy for the leg up. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some stuff to build and a baby to take out to play in the snow. Will be in touch.

And we’re back yet again!

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Hi All,

Currently packing our bags and prepping for a flight north. Shops are now officially open and all orders will begin shipping on Friday, January 8th. More on the way ala some sort of welcome to 2016 post, but figured I should at least mention that we’re back and ready to seize the day and all that.

Much love,



News: December

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So hi there! A few quick missives before we all split for the holidays to do whatever festive things we do. First off, we’re more than psyched to announce that we’re in this month’s issue of Guitar Player,  mentioned by VF pioneer and all-around great guitarist Andy Summers in an interview about his latest album Metal Dog. It’s a good one – if you don’t have it, yo should head out and nab a copy. Always happy to know that our boxes are being used in the field – got a recording featuring a VF box that you’d like to share? Drop us  line and we’ll post it up – community and all that. Here’s the link to the article, btw.

Second: This is probably for the folks who just arrived on this page by way of said article . The capitalist wing of our empire – i.e., our online stores on Etsy and Reverb where we sell these things as we await some sort of game-changing distro deal or something equally big to come our way – are closed until January 7. We realize that this is probably poor timing considering the whole holiday rush and the article and the fact that we should be sending out marketing blasts with 20% deals and whatnot, but hey, we’re different. And we’re also out of the country visiting family and decided that we’d rather devote our time to having a nice holiday as opposed to staying home waiting for a sale to come through or a promotion to manage or something. Need something VF immediately? Check out one of our brick-and-mortars in NYC, SF, Baltimore or Costa Rica. Need to get in touch, drop us a line – all said, we’re pretty approachable. Willing to wait? It’s two and a half weeks – you’ll manage. Go roast some chestnuts and fire up the Pandora holiday station.

Third: Happy Holidays! 2015’s been an amazing year – thanks for sharing it with us and we look forward to an exciting 2016.

Fourth: Thanks to everyone who participated in our TicoTronics workshop this week – here’s some pictures of said event – looking forward to teaching a couple more of these in the not-s0-distant future.







TicoTronics 2015

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Hey gang – micro-post here. Come December 19, we’ll be back in Costa Rica, teaching the third iteration of our TicoTronics workshop. In CR? Want to make a tiny little noise box? Curious about the Costa Rican experimental music scene (yes, there is one)? Then go take a look at this.


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