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In my experience, I’ve found that experimentation, being artistic or otherwise, is often coupled with technological innovation. Sparing florid speech and lengthy justifications, the fact is simple – conventional tools tend not to yield unconventional results. When compounded with the idiom of experimental electronics; a medium often concerned with the modification, manipulation and limitations of conventional, consumer devices for artistic purposes, I feel that sometimes the desire for your own intentional interface, designed from the ground up is a much more preferable approach. Beginning in 2006, I set out to do just that. Using schematics from Ciat-Lonbarde, as well as other sources of pre-Moog electronics (namely David Tudor, Louis + Bebe Barron and Don Buchla) as my guide, I began building a series of instruments – modifying and improving the design each time, allowing each hand-built device to develop a character of it’s own – sometimes for my personal use, though also to fit the vocabularies of several other musicians variously entrenched in the field of experimental music. Enclosed is a brief sample of my work thus far, highlighting not only individual instruments, but also the musicians who play them.


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