Introducing the DOSwave – a pedal so new and potentially extreme that we haven’t even figured out the artwork to best reflect its character, leaving me no choice but to epoxy random items to the box for everyone’s pleasure and amusement. But what’s it do other than deplete my supply of epoxy and declutter my potentially inexhaustible supply of random things floating around the house? I guess that’s a subject of debate. On paper, it was designed to be a spiritual successor of sorts to two previous VF boxes – the 23, which as a funky, feedback-laden octave up ordeal and the MossWave, which was an attempt to harness the wackiness of digital logic chips on the most analog way possible. Did I succeed? To be honest, I’m not sure – this box definitely tips the hat to both, but its less of a child of the two and more of a lab-grown mutant created from a swab of goo left behind after some sort of paranormal disintegration event. It is in short, pretty zesty.

But again, what’s it do? For those that don’t make musical purchases based on theoretical science fiction scenarios, it’s a lo-fi, high-gain, modulation effect that is able to provide pseudo tremolo chirps, metallic ring tones and high-frequency squeals all with the turn of a knob. Even better, the gain stage is voiced in such a way that goes from a subtle sizzle to full-on howling insanity for that part of your anthemic breakdown where all goes crazy right before the bridge. Because we all need that. Even better, it does all this courtesy of a digital inverter chip and another chip that was originally intended to be a telephone ringer. Is it transparent? Nope. Does it let your tone blossom and shine through? Oh hells no. Is it a clone of some random circuit used by one of those legendary rock gods we’ve all been raised to admire? If it is, it wasn’t on this planet. What it is, however, is a whole boatload of fun and even better, pretty much the only current way you can obtain one is by building it yourself under our kind guidance. Interested? Intrigued? Involuntarily salivating with no explanation why? Allow me to elaborate.

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