Number 60


Number 60 (code name: Jellyfish 3) is the first instrument made to replace the installation brains otherwise known as Number(s) 53. With the original brains, we found the sound to be a little too static so decided to rework the circuitry to be both more dynamic and hopefully more interactive within a gallery setting. Like its predecessors, the circuitry is based on VF’s Eyecillators (optically controlled 4093-based synthesizers), but with each point for optical control existing as a pair of jacks that connect to an external sculpture that’s more or less a pillow with a photoresistor hacked into the middle of it. Of course from an artistic standpoint they’re much more than that, but this is the technical report so forgive the informality.

In the case of Number 60, its actually four separate Eyecillators in one box with standard control over voltage to the synth and frequency control to the fist of four logic-gated frequency stages. We built it in preparation for Orden Organico, which was shown at Mara Baldwin’s Neighbors Gallery in Ithaca, NY in August 2018. Speaking of, here’s what it looked like in the space.


And here’s the flyer for said show:


Two more – one of the general gallery scene, the other of Sarah and TJ performing along with Pau and the sculptures.

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