2015 Eyecillator


The direct descendent of the Little Furry Oscillators albeit with less fur. Sorry about that. We ran out of fur – or rather, the fur was left behind in Costa Rica when we moved to Baltimore. Not to say that we won’t have more fur in the future, but the massive pile we had access to is currently in storage, awaiting retrieval on a supply run that has yet to happen. Somehow, not too long ago, I managed to do a lot of international travel on relatively little income. Throw a job and an apartment and responsibilities and whatnot in the way and we’re lucky if we can make it out to Rehoboth. Hoping to change that. But enough about me – here’s our new thing, as described via cutting and pasting the Little Furry Oscillator and updating where needed. Because it’s late and my creative juices are waning.

Eyecillators. Eye + Oscillator. Clever right? Once again designed for those seeking playa accessories, corporate holiday stocking stuffers, harajuku harsh noise and possibly even serious musicians. A guaranteed 2.5 minutes of sheer multi-sensory delight awaits you upon sampling said critter – after that, you’ll have to get creative, which, I guess is kind of the point. We used to make these covered with fur and it confused people. So we nixed the fur and added a control voltage output for modular-synth tweakery which seems to be all the rage these days.

Once again, it’s a 3-oscillator, cascaded NAND opto-synth with controls over pitch and voltage sag. Combine these two variables together in a modified Northeastern gamer grip and go to town – I’m sure they’d love to hear your bird-songs outside the Cold Stone on 2nd and C. Or the mall. Those are ironically hip again, right?


The time is now 2018 and somehow I’m only now coming to terms with the fact that I haven’t actually made one of these guys in about two years now. What happened? Art happened – the remaining PCB’s were absorbed into a larger one-off instrument and a series of sculptures. And then these sculptures ended up in my live rig and the circuitry evolved to be more dynamic and performative. So to wax metaphorical here, much like the aurochs, said mighty instrument managed to evolve and was civilized a smudge. If you’re really looking for an Eyecillator, check this out.





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