We left at 3 AM, destined for the wasteland on a pilgrimage of ritualistic purposes. The car was packed with the usual boxes, as well as a couple exclusive devices to help pin down three hours worth of material for broadcast. By the time we arrived, 7 hours had already elapsed, with 17 more to go. The clock ticks and the first two of our troupe begin their own additions to the mayhem. A glorious drone prevailed – and from that assemblage emerged Laces, otherwise known as the duo of Ellery Royston and Sarah Elena Palmer – truly a deadly combination of harsh electronics and elusive siren songs.

 Well over a year and a half later, a living room session was scheduled and over the course of an afternoon, these recordings emerged. Short snippets of birdsong and torment intertwine amidst mousequiet skitters in a wall of sonics. Come sundown, all were pleased.

 And now, well over a year and a half after that, this document finally emerges as all participants in it’s creation are triangulated well over 3500 miles from one another. In spite of that, we welcome one and all to take a listen to this testament as the past becomes the future, with the present always changing.


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