Pink Canoes – Removal of Packaging Will Emit Secret Message

A tiny pebble can start a landslide. The smallest sound can trigger an avalanche. And in this case, we hoped that the smallest release will be the start of a deluge of new and interesting sounds, available for the first time outside of the occasional compilation and the well-battered Bay Area experimental music venues. Ladies and gentlemen, we present without further adieu, after two and a half years (and then another two and a half years on top of that), a new release by the Pink Canoes, newly re-minted for digital dispersion and stratospheric transmissions, whatever that might mean. Originally limited to 25 hand-assembled copies, this disc represents the first selection of live performances that we’ve deemed most indicative of the Canoes’ unique sound, circa 2007-8 or so. That said, we invite you to partake – come sing with the angels and dance with the devils. We’re nervous. You may be as well. But in the end, it’ll be ok.


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