Satellite – 001

Once upon a time in a small liberal arts college in Oakland, California, three musicians found themselves enrolled in a masters program, studying some of the finer points of contemporary music. Hailing from three equally unique locales and bringing their own approaches to extended-techniques, free improvisation and lowercase electronics, they met one rainy Sunday to perform together in a dreary classroom, in hopes that their discrepancies in languages, variations in vocabularies and fascinations with the unknown and would combine and intertwine into a unique acoustic environment. Lines were drawn, spells were cast and sounds were made, combining mechanical pulses with arthropod dance steps, lulling trances into dirges into whispers in the wind. They played for hours, pausing only to reflect, recollect and continue with even more fury and direction – and never once playing a conventional note on their instruments. And with that, Satellite, otherwise known as the unique combinations of Liz Meredith (violia), Gudmundur Steini Gunnarsson (guitar) and Travis Johns (bass) was formed – with this disc, previously only released in extremely limited batches, serving as a documentation of that instance. On behalf of the ensemble, as well as the collective as a whole, we invite you to come sing along with our past whilst looking towards the future, once contained in hand-assembled envelopes embossed with our handprints as a souvenir to our collective temporal bridges – and now available digitally for the technologically progressive masses! If you like what you hear, please feel free to check out Satellite’s second release – Sylvedic, also available via VauxFlores. As a final note, if you would like Satellite, or any member therein to perform for your exclusive pleasure, siesta or new music solstice event, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll gladly proceed accordingly.