Little Furry Oscillators

Number 40

The original sales pitch:

Documenting the next step in the evolution of small, oscillating objects commonly covered with faux fur. In this case, we’ve gone micro-production here. Considering the nature of assembly, each synth is unique, so we’ll do what we can to document them individually, BUT, at the same time, they are for sale and we will be producing them fairly often in a variety of colors, etc.

But first, a description, which goes a little something like this:

A Little Furry Oscillator from our current batch of trademarked space-poof inspired, handheld beep-makers ideal for those seeking playa accessories, harajuku harsh noise and possibly even a serious musician or two. A guaranteed 2.5 minutes of sheer multi-sensory delight awaits you upon sampling said critter – after that, you’ll have to get creative, which, I guess is kind of the point.

From a technical standpoint it’s a 4-oscillator, cascaded NAND opto-synth with controls over pitch and voltage sag. Combine these two variables together in a modified Northeastern gamer grip and go to town – I’m sure they’d love to hear your bird-songs outside the Cold Stone on 2nd and C.

The small part about retirement and reflection:

I made these from 2013-16, roughly – with the last editions going to the good folks at Techne as part of one of their X-Mas fundraisers. For the sake of documentation, here’s a gallery of this series:







Word on the street is that such things are important to the average consumer, so here it is:



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