Another cottage-made, voltage-controlled addition to the VauxFlores family, we introduce the Pautron. Directly descended from Number 44, the Pautron combines the lo-fi chirps and crunches of a 4093-based cascading square-wave synth with a quick-and-dirty four-channel sequencer with two outputs – one providing a standard, stand-alone audio output and the other offering up a Control Voltage output that combines the voltage of each step with the chirps, glitches and wobbles of the synth section. The result – some relatively chaotic sounds and CV blasts from a moderately small footprint – not to mention a reasonable price-tag.

Oh, right, the name. Yeah, it’s named after my amazing wife Paulina Velazquez-Solis. She did the artwork for them and had a fairly large say in the design of the circuit – I mean, considering it’s kind of named after her, you would hope she would. Anyways, enjoy – feedback, etc – always welcome.







A couple quick videos of the Pautrons in action. More on the way as we flush out the gallery.

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