Obviously we have to start somewhere, so why not a power supply? Though this isn’t quite a power supply in so much as there’s no transformers or regulators or whatnot in it. If anything, it’s more about power distribution – or, to go more abstract, voltage distribution. In it’s initial configuration, yeah, it takes 9v in and sends it out to seven different outputs – four 3.5 mm jacks and three barrel adapters. However, there’s nothing stopping you from running other voltage sources into it – for instance, the output of a sequencer or a clock – or even an audio signal if you’re so bold. So yeah, voltage distribution. Plus there’s a cool bird on the back of it.


  • 4x 2.1 mm DC Barrel Jacks (like these guys)
  • 4x 3.5 mm “Thonkiconn”-style jacks (ala these)
  • 1x 4k7 resistor
  • 1x 1n4001 diode &
  • 1x 3mm LED

You’ll need a couple standoffs or maybe rubber bumpers to keep the PCB off the ground, but other than that, soldering should be fairly straight forward. Just make sure the stripe on the 1n4001 is pointing up and the short led of the LED goes to the right and all should be good.


Eagle files on GitHub can be found here.

For those looking for a direct link to Gerber files, here you go:


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