Aesthetic Street Photography

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – New Trends In Aesthetic Street Photography



  1. Matching Tattoos of Brass Knuckles and Razor Blades
  2. …the red bridge is over there
  3. Constant surveillance by police helicopter
  4. Have a banana!
  5. Plush horse in suitcase


Will ideally be written by someone more eloquent than us.


  • Alex Catona – cello, electronics
  • Travis Johns – laptop, electronics
  • The Norman Conquest – recording, additional processing


  • Recorded in September 2016 in Oakland, Ca.


  • Mixing/Mastering = t.johns
  • Cover photography = a.catona


Bio, formed in 2012 in San José, Costa Rica consists of Alex Catona, who plays cello and Travis Johns, who plays laptop and analog electronics. Together, they probably know more about Derek Bailey than just about anyone else in Central America.



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