Fighter Pilot

Recorded throughout the summer of 2003 and released in February 2004, Fighter Pilot is the result of collaboration between Travis Johns and Dan Mintz. Featuring artwork by Aay Preston-Myint, the duo creates an ethereal mix of distant love songs and industrial rumblings, interspersed with digital soul.

“In our societal heydays, the concept of a Fighter Pilot evokes the sense of the eternal badass. Elegantly refined and well equipt, it is the finest representation of man fused with machines, floating in a delicate balance between artistic grace and a lethal killing machine. This could very well be the case in the artistic collaboration of Travis Johns and Dan Mintz – both products of the Oberlin Conservatory’s acclaimed TIMARA department. Though strictly electronic in nature, the duo strives to blend the organic with the inorganic, inundating binary with soul as they restlessly search for the reported ghosts in the machine. Surrounded by walls of equipment and basking in the glow of ambient video, the duo fluidly jumps between soothing laptop chirps and pianos to the raucous buzz of raw analog electronics and electric bass.”




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