The Night

The Night was a new media ensemble whose work focused on the interrelations between sound and image, using musical improvisation and real-time video as the basis for their performances. Featuring warm electronic instrumentals – at times both organic and deceptively concise, this group offered a lot to take in as well as many places for one’s imagination to run free. Their sound has been called “a hymn cried out to the Great Unknown, reassuringly clinging to fantasies.”

Formed in early 2003, The Night’s original members included flautist Gregory McMahon, sitar player Ami K. Dang, video artist John Hensel and Travis Johns, though later expanded to include additional artists such as Leighanne Saltsman (vocals), Karl Pestka (electric violin) and Ross Huff (trumpet).

To date, The Night’s work has been featured in such venues as the 2003 Placard Experimental Music Festival, The Spaceworks Gallery (NYC) and the Allen Memorial Art Museum in Oberlin, Oh.

Often influenced by the spaces they play to, their music balances arresting beauty with the bleak and corrosive sounds drawn from the twenty-first century.





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