Travis Johns – Compositions



Songs of Cities in Jungles

  • Skitta
  • Panamax
  • Amon
  • Salan
  • Liber
  • Poas
  • Baila
  • Siryna
  • Mandara


  • On the Illogical Idealism of a Life in the Pictures – Just-Intoned digital synthesis and custom-DSP feedback loop realized as an improvised live performance. Premiered 06.01.2010 as part of Vox Novus’ 360 Degrees of 60×60 installation performance at the 2010 International Computer Music Festival, Electronic Music Foundation, New York, NY.
  • Deep Oakland
  • Cahuita Field Recordings



  • Antefin
  • Spirale


  • Comae
  • Industry One

Songs of Mountains and Wetlands

  • The Rocks
  • Serpentes
  • Frogs
  • The Spirits, The Wind


  • Bellasa – Processed field recordings conducted in and about Kent, Ct. in August 2008. Released as part of Timetheory Netlabel‘s Falter compilation.
  • Vitiiron – Processed field recordings conducted in and about Kent Falls State Park in Kent, Ct. July 2008. Premiered 08.01.08 as part of JourParJour’s Radio Village Nomade project.
  • Serraton – Processed field recordings, conducted in and about Kent, Ct. in August 2008. Released as part of Sound Press Records Digital Compilation #1.
  • Ammaton – Composition for two bassoons and three-channel electro-acoustic sound environment. Premiered 09.29.08 at the Staller Center for the Arts, Suny Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY. Melissa Brown and Jonathan Steheny, bassoon.
  • Vslkast


  • Persimmonix – Processed, time-compressed improvisations (Reaktor, flute, ARP 2600), modulated by sine-wave oscillators. Premiered 04.18.2008 at Mills College, Oakland, Ca. as part of Vox Novus’ 2007-8 60×60 Pacific Rim mix. Released as part of Vox Novus’ 2006-7 60×60 CD compilation.
  • Priorseen – Processed chamber ensemble (string trio, french horn and amplified snare drum). Premiered as part of the New York Miniaturist Ensemble’s StaticMusic Podcast series.
  • Blank Verse, or the Order of the Sacred Leaves of Broken Spearmint -Immersive, multi-sensory composition, composed in partial satisfaction of the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College. Premiered 02.25.2007 at Mills College in Oakland, Ca.
  • Vslkast


  • If We Try to be Rational – Processed sounds derived from simmering rice, recorded in Ann Arbor, Mi. in March 2005. Premiered 11.14.2006 at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY as part of Vox Novus’ 60×60 New York Minutes Mix (2006). Later released as part of Mills College’s Subcutaneous Sound compilation.
  • Nocturnal Study No. 1 – Late-night field recordings, processed and otherwise, conducted in rural Florida in June 2006 during a severe bout of insomnia. Premiered 03.04.2007 on KUNM 89.9 FM as part of the 2007 Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music.
  • Composition for Two Wind Instruments – Modular composition for any two wind instruments. Premiered 11.18.06 at Mills College, Oakland, Ca. Paul Scriver and Ivor Holloway, tenor saxophones.


  • Of All Things Solid – Processed field recordings from Cleveland, Oh. and Palo Alto, Ca., conducted circa October 2004. Further mixing and processing conducted in Ann Arbor, Mi. 02.2005. Premiered 03.04.2006 as part of the Santa Fe International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Santa Fe, NM.

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