Number 11

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Built in May 2009 as a preliminary experiment with presets, as well as new enclosure construction techniques. Most notable about this build is that it’s the first box that utilizes bamboo in it’s construction, as well as precision cut plexiglass, leading to a much more professional appearance upon completion that simply slathering some paint on a plastic project box and calling it fancy. Also of note is that this was my first experiment that used switches as part of the design, hoping to veer away from the circuit-bending aspects of my previous builds in favor of predictability, or at least the ability to recall certain sounds when the moment called for it. Obtaining the switches was a little difficult, however. I was still somewhat unfamiliar with the secret, coded language needed to understand the various electronic supply catalogues, and, afraid of accidentally ordering the wrong parts, decided to search out what I needed from the local Radio Shacks, who, on a good day possibly stock maybe two of each item. Considering I needed more than a dozen SPST switches for this build, I think I might’ve cleaned out the entire supply for all of San Francisco while creating this box – at a price comparable to about a hundred or so similar switches had I ordered them online. A quick word of advise for anyone interested in taking a trip down this particular DIY rabbit hole – to best maximize your capital, avoid Radio Shack like the plague. They may occasionally have what you need in a pinch, but their cost of necessity is a high one, to say the least. Unfortunately, the circuit used to accommodate this idea might not have been the best choice – creating sounds that could be best describes as various choirs of mosquitos but eh, it’s a start. One day I hope to return to concepts initially explored with particular build, but at the moment it earns it keep exclusively as a nice conversation piece on a shelf.

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