Number 12.01

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The first of the series, built in September 2009, serving as a model for subsequent builds. Similar to it’s predecessors, it’s composed of pulse-wave oscillators and an ultrasonic filter, and is housed in a bamboo cutlery tray topped with plexiglass, first introduced with Number 11. This particular box was part of my personal collection for a minute, but was later donated to friends at the West Oakland studio/venue East Nile. At the moment, it’s probably either in Portland, Or., or Los Angeles, Ca., depending on who ended up taking it after our time at the venue ended. I also used it as part of a performance for Matt Davignon’s Rigs series, as well as on a couple other local performances around that time where I decided to eschew my usual laptop-centered rig for a full analog setup. Notable are these two – this one from Santa Cruz, and another from the Lab in San Francisco, Ca.

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