Number 18

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Number 18 comes from a triptych of sorts, or rather three identical circuits housed in different-colored enclosures, intended to be played in tandem, and partially inspired by, well, Voltron. Yes, Voltron, as in the giant, cartoon robot with the body comprised of mechanical lions. Or something to that extent. Maybe a more apt description would be modular instruments – a stand-alone device that is capable of producing sounds on it’s own, but when paired with its similar brethren, is capable of an expanded palate like a voltage-controlled orchestra or something. Though at the same time, I suppose this particular box can be paired with just about anything that’s come off my bench so I wonder if the Voltron analogy is correct. There has to be a better description – and I’m sure there’s undoubtedly some other Japanese Robot show with modular ‘bots that can combine in numerous ways depending on the weaponry, etc. needed for the task of eliminating whatever irradiated monster happens to be threatening Tokyo that week, but, not being an anime-junkie, I really wouldn’t know where to begin ala the referentialism of it all. Either way, here’s another one for the archives. Enjoy the sonics, y’all.