Number 48


This is Number 48, otherwise known as the Errorscope. The original name was going to be the Periscope, but seeing as there’s some sort of social media concoction named as such, we’ve decided to go from something a little less liable for trademark infringement. Or something. Here’s how it happened:

Back in 2011, I built Number 22 for Liz Meredith shortly before I left California in favor of Costa Rica. In 2014, while in Baltimore, I offered to switch the polarity on the power supply to interface with a universal, center negative power supply, and in the process did something that Number 22 didn’t like. Feeling bad, since this was shortly before a gig, I gave her another synth and said that I would fix the box proper when I had a chance. Nearly two years later, here we go. Well, sort of. The insides are a little altered. The filter is still the same, but for the sake of space and experimentation, the actual synth section is something different. Instead of being a Ciat-Lonbarde inspired drum machine, it’s just a simple voltage divider, designed to take CV clock pulses and turn them into filtered pings. Or, if you run audio rate CV into it, it becomes a primitive ocataver of sorts that would probably work well with the proper sequence run into it. An added bonus of this box is that since it accepts control voltage as opposed to audio signals, it can actually be powered by just the CV input, giving the box an entirely different character than when running off the wall.

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