“In improvised music, the ability to stay outside of one’s comfort zone is of great importance. Doing so means letting go of one’s ego, and trying to approach each instance of music making from a fresh perspective–a clean slate if you will. Accepting the fragility, risks, uncertainty, and inherent “dangerousness” of these unknown musical situations opens one up to the possibility of failure. However, in the end, it is also what enables one to become a better musician.

Maryclare is in that elite category of musician that refuses to box herself in. She favours risk in her music making, and has no fear of leaving her bag of “tricks” at home in her search for the unfamiliar. She approaches her instruments as if she was meeting an old friend for the first time. Fully aware of all the intricacies and nuances of her materials, MC nonetheless adopts a stance that forces her to reconsider all previous viewpoints and expectations.

She freely makes use of every musical genre as an expressive vehicle for her artistic voice. Her boundaries and allegiances are fluid and everchanging.

Antoine Berthiaume, November 2010″

Like all releases, Stairwells is available in an edition of 25 hand-assembled discs – each one different, each one unique. Additionally, we offer an unlimited-edition digital version of this album available at nearly every major digital distributor. As always, we invite you to help support independent arts, experimental music and freedom from corporate paradigms. Buy the ticket, take the ride.




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