Austerity Measures


Austerity Measures

Tim Walters



  1. Green Inside
  2. When the Flock Eats, I Eat
  3. Fanfare for the Fair Fan
  4. The Inner Room
  5. Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today
  6. Snark Fumes
  7. Remember Mumford’s Monotreme!
  8. Incense and Insensibility
  9. Creosote Bouquet
  10. Stood in the Corner and Forgotten


The recent arrival of a couple of small analog novelties in my studio prompted a set of short etudes featuring self-driving feedback networks. This in turn reminded me of old bits of SuperCollider code, often just a few lines, with a similar quality of deriving lively sounds from modest means. This album collects the results.


Chimera Electronics BC16 Mini-Synth (via Mike Metlay)
VauxFlores Industrial Unit 3 (designed and built by Travis Johns)
SuperCollider (written by James McCartney and enhanced by divers hands)



Tim Walters – sounds and artwork.


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