Consumer Affairs


The Flayed Choirmaster – Consumer Affairs



  1. On Your Doorstep
  2. A ___ That Never Existed, Part 1
  3. Better Prospects (Dent In The Wall)
  4. Quick and Painless, He Said
  5. A ___ That Never Existed, Part 2
  6. The Underachiever’s Polka


The Flayed Choirmaster presents yet another offering, at times exploratory, at times irreverent, and at times just plain insane. It runs the gamut from harsh no-input frenzy to tweaked-out synth minimalism and some things in-between. Consider it a tribute (or perhaps a testament) to the Year that Wouldn’t Stop.



Since 2015, The Flayed Choirmaster has taken after troublemakers, rule-breakers, and boundary-challengers the art world over. At home with post-industrial rogues and postmodern scholars alike, he seeks to cover a territory within and without either school of thought.


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