Grandes Exitos 2011-2015


Bloqueos – Grandes Exitos 2011-2015



  2. Dolor
  3. Usted no le cae bien a nadie
  4. ambshit bc
  5. Alienación
  6. Girondinos y jacobinos
  7. 01 track 04
  8. En este momento todos nuestro agentes están ocupados
  9. 1903-1977
  10. arpegiocore para quienes no nos gusta la m+sica
  11. as y mg
  12. banda de iglesia en crack 2
  13. cover 1
  14. nerds
  15. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Bloqueos Remix)
  16. erosión
  17. 01 A
  18. supermercado
  19. slowbeatporwavebientcore
  20. track 01 (2)
  21. no sé, es que


Per the request of the artist, it should be noted that this compilation is in fact a Greatest Hits album, as it were. Everything on it has been released already on other labels and unlike the greatest hits records of my youth which featured one or two breakthrough tracks that encouraged you to buy the disk in spite of the fact that you already owned the subsequent records that the original hits were released on, this one has none of that. In fact, this is even a re-release of a greatest hits record, repeated in it’s entirety, curated only by the artist – nothing added, nothing removed. Meaning, like the original release of said record, this is over 4 hours of noise, remixes, mashups, culture-jams and so on, all culled from the mind of one arguably the most prolific experimental sound artists in Central America. It should also be noted that this is a dead project – Esteban has since retired the mantle of Bloqueos and has moved on to other projects. That only perform live and refuse to record or document their work in any way. Thus here we are, staring into the abyss of a living dead document where the only way to continue the narrative is to hop plane to Costa Rica, hoof it out to one of those underground venues the internet-at-large has recently learned about and decided must be eliminated as seething dens of vile progressive thought, pay your 3000 colone entrance fee, grab a Pilsen and a chilliguaro and take the plunge – which I highly encourage you to do.


Esteban Mora = Bloqueos



See Notes and Personnel. Good people. I vouch for him.


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