Six Improvisations for Electric Upright Bass

Six Improvisations for Electric Upright Bass

Six Improvisations for Electric Upright Bass

Travis Johns



  1. Improvisation 001
  2. Improvisation 002
  3. Improvisation 003
  4. Improvisation 004
  5. Improvisation 005
  6. Improvisation 006


Six improvisations for upright bass, recorded June 27-28, 2020 at home in Brooktondale, NY.

Signal path for these recordings: Zeta Crossover EUB -VauxFlores Pejibaye Boost – Eden Terra Nova 226 Amplifier – SWR Working Pro 110 Cabinet.

Recorded from DI output on amplifier through a JoeMeek C2 Optical Compressor to prevent clipping. Other than minor adjustments for volume and clarity, no other edits or modifications were performed to these recordings.



Travis Johns – Zeta Crossover Electric Upright Bass

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