sketches with piano + analog noise


sketches with piano + analog noise

Tara Rodgers



  1. play like an algorithm
  2. through this even though
  3. when the light reaches you the star is gone
  4. for thousands of years


Written, performed, and produced by Tara Rodgers. Steinway grand (track 1), ARP 2500 (track 1, 3), Moog IIIP (track 2), E-mu Modular System (track 4) recorded by Tara in Hanover, Providence, Oakland, and Chicago; Steinway grand (tracks 2, 3, 4) recorded by Mike Petillo at Tonal Park. Made with gratitude for the music of Geri Allen and Maggi Payne.



Dr. Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara) is a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian of electronic music. She is the author of Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound (2010) and numerous articles on the history of sound and synthesizers. Her music, from analog techno to generative sound installations made with SuperCollider, has been presented around the U.S. and internationally.


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