True French – Songs of the Rain and Urban Decay – No Fuhrer

True French – From the Gland of Pleasant Living

True French – A Beautiful Sky Blue

Another instance of forthcoming annotation.

vsls – She Knew the Soldier from His Horse For She Loved Him Dearly

Video – found footage, manipulated digital photographs and synthesized sound, duration: 21 minutes (2017).

This piece, named from lyrics taken from a traditional English seduction ballad, consists of three sources of media. The first is found media recorded in 2004 and largely derived from that year’s State of the Union Address and other television programs culled from network television as it existed in upstate New York in that era. The second source, obfuscating and modifying the first are several data-bent photographs prepared for exhibition in October 2012 but ultimately not shown. The final source is a mix of several improvisations on modular synthesizer, conducted primarily in December 2016 and January 2017. Other than my aesthetics being the driving source between the assemblage of these sources, there’s really no correlation – it’s just three separate instances of an individual artist, punctuated by time, climate and geography. However, when viewed as a collusion of the three it may very well be the platform where these time-separated elements collide and provide an entrenched foothold as we delve deeper into the aesthetic darkness that potentially lies ahead.

Note: Most of the audio from this track is derived primary from the VFI album Dirge for 27.

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