Satellite was the name given to the various combinations of Liz Meredith (viola), Travis Johns (bass) and Gudmundur Steinn Gunnarsson (guitar). They played improvised music that focused on the interaction and amalgamation of electronics, prepared instruments and extended techniques ranging from deconstructed audio loops at the verge of silence to dense soundscapes that enveloped the senses. Though all are classically trained, each member contributed musical vocabularies rooted far outside that of the conservatory, each as diverse as the locales they hail from – Baltimore, Md., Upstate New York, and Reykjavik, Iceland, respectively. Formed in the fall of 2005 at Mills College, Satellite performed extensively throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond until the spring of 2008, when each member returned to their respective port of call, collectively disseminating their unique approaches to improvisation with noted success. Fortunately, the ensemble released two albums prior to said dissemination, both of which are available digitally from VauxFlores. Naturally, if you would like to contact any or all of the members of the ensemble, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do what we can to put you in contact.



Past Performances


  • 05.15.08 – The Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC. w. Attached Hands & Nothing Noise.
  • 05.16.08 – The Lighthouse, Washington DC. w. Jen Baker, Reuben Radding & Lina Bahn.
  • 05.17.08 – Institute for Advanced Studies, Philadelphia, Pa. w. Katt Hernandez, Orion Rigel Dommisse & Larkin Grimm.
  • 05.18.08 – Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY. w. Tunturia, Descent with Modification, Diana Joy & Hugo Clarence & the Dead Fairy.
  • 05.19.08 – The Lilypad, Cambridge, Ma. w. Courtney Brown & Kristy Foye.


  • 02.10.07 – Milk Bar, Oakland, Ca. w. Jacob LindsayWeasel WalterDamon Smith & Henry Kaiser.
  • 07.28.07 – Woodland Ridge, Rhinebeck, NY. Wilderness recording session.
  • 07.29.07 – Free 103.9 Wave Farm, Acra, NY. Wilderness recording session.


  • 04.27.06 – The Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, Mi. w. Karl Pestka.
  • 04.28.06 – FBC, East Lansing, Mi. w. Karl Pestka.
  • 04.29.06 – Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin, Oh. w. Ami Dang & Ted Rees.
  • 07.28.06 – Bowerbird, Philadelphia, Pa. w. Old Mine, & Hazl.
  • 09.14.06 – Luggage Store, San Francisco, Ca. w. Leif Shackelford & David Fenech.

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