Number 20

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Number 20 is a bit of  a remix of sorts, if you don’t mind me borrowing some jargon from our disc jockey brethren. Remember Number 8? Well, this is what it looks like now, paired with an additional filter. I (re)-built this in January 2011 in preparation for a west coast tour I was going on with Liz Meredith. I was already set to bring Number 16, as well as my Doepfer Dark Energy and figured I had the time – I was already set on moving to Costa Rica, so I nixed most major projects that I was involved with in San Francisco and had a free minute or eight in the home stretch – so why not go for consistency. Not to mention that shiny, silver enamel paint tarnishes over time, and hey, if you’re rocking your own wares, you might as well look spiffy, yeah? As you can tell from the pictures, my fine motor control is a bit lacking – well, that and all holes were done by Dremel – I really should have picked up a drill press waaay earlier – you’d be surprised the difference it makes – but hey, the painting’s cool, right?

By the by – here’s a picture of the rig I took on tour with me:




And this is what we sounded like:



That is all.