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A quick intro to what this is all about:

Before 2020 became, well, 2020, I was working on a residency that would have culminated in a series of free DIY workshops and an accompanying curriculum with the idea that after it was over, everything could then be offered to after-school programs, STEM camps, etc. as a way of teaching electronics, music, design, problem solving, etc. etc. Then, of course 2020 happened and the residency didn’t so I decided to adapt. With my daughter’s help, we designed a batch of modules that can combine into an open-ended instrument – which, all said was a pretty decent way to spend a lockdown. Considering that things are actually worse than they were when we were all hiding in our houses and winter IS coming, the plan is to make these guys available by way of open-source PCB files and instructions to anyone who might be interested, needs something to do or are generally down to take the challenge and whip up some low-cost soundings or something. Please be aware that this is a living project – I’ll continue to upload files as we verify them, but if anyone has any questions, comments or requests, by all means, please get in touch.


A quick of most likely many examples of the first four Ximetron modules doing their thing. For those curious about the enclosure, I printed the .brd files from Eagle out as images, laid them out on acrylic and drilled as needed, using 10mm standoffs to sandwich everything together.

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